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The Crystal Clear Choice

We provide fresh, filtered water to homes across Northern Alberta.

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About us

Say goodbye to bottled water and hello to pure, clean, filtered water that’s available right from your faucet! At Enviro-Clear Water Systems (1994) Inc in Athabasca, we allow fresh water to always be within reach with our selection of water softeners, reverse osmosis filters and water distillers.

We have been serving customers across Northern Alberta since 1989. Our water conditioning units help save you money, extend the life of your current water appliances and provide pure water for your entire family. Not only will our home filtration systems improve the taste of your water, your appliances will run more efficiently, costing you less. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! We offer a range of customized solutions to fit every home and every budget.

All of our filtration systems are installed by highly experienced certified water technicians. Call us today to book your free water analysis.

Brands Carried

  • All Water Treatment Products

Languages Spoken

  • English

Products and/or Services

  • water purification & filtration equipment

  • residential water softener

  • water softener maintenance

  • drinking water system

  • Customized water systems

  • water distillers

  • Air Injection Iron filters

  • water treatment equipment

  • water softener supplies

  • water softener repair

  • water softener rental

  • water purifier

  • uv water purifier

  • reverse osmosis unit

  • ozonator

  • industrial water softener

  • commercial water softener

  • Pumps & Pressure Systems

  • Water Distillers for Pure Drinking Water


  • Water Quality Specialist

  • Licensed Plumber

  • Over 7500 Water Systems Installed

  • Custom Built Water Systems

  • Free Water Analysis

  • Certified Water Technician/Installer

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Enviro-Clear Water Systems (1994) Inc

Athabasca, AB 

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